No Foolin’!

No Foolin!

It’s no April Fools Joke!!! Spring has sprung so enjoy these new knick knack items for the months of Spring! The vendo has a special TMA stating that the vendo will remain for the months of Spring.

Caretaker Fantasia

Club Connect Northwest Corner

Violet Egg ’99 40T
Pink Egg ’99 40T
Neon Egg ’99 40T
Spring Blossom ’99 50T
Blush Basket ’99 150T
Amethyst Basket ’99 150T
NRW Bunny ’99 300T
April Bunny ’99 250T
Casey Bunny ‘9 150T

And Caretaker Michael springs into action by placing the Spring Head Vendo outside of the CC Event Center. It has a nice assortment of five new heads. With the exception of the Cloud Head, all are paintable. As with the knick knack vendo, this vendo will be here until at least June.

Club Connect Outside Event Center

Egg Head* ’99 350T
Cloud ’99 450T
Pansy* ’99 330T
Tulip* ’99 320T
Daisy* ’99 350T

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