New Spring Accessories

New Accessories

Juice up your AV with a Spring make-over. Try one of the newaccessories which appeared in the vendo on Saturday.

Phoenix Accessories
Bandana (Grey/Black) 175T Replaces the purple bandana
Detroit Accessories
Cool Dude Hat (Lavendar) 200T Replaces the peach cool dude hat
Red Bow 175T Replaces the blue officer’s hat
Scarf (Purple/White) 175T Replaces the grey/white scarf
SV Accessories
Cat Ears (Purple) 200T Replaces the green cat ears
Beret (Aqua) 150T Replaces the white beret
Cozy Cap (Grey) 200T Replaces the light blue cozy cap
Beanie (Blue/White) 250T Replaces the red/white beanie
Tie (Blue) 150T Replaces the green tie

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