Imitation IsleSweety Epidemic!

Imitation IsleSweety Epidemic!


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The other day, my good friend IsleSweety was surprised to find another avatar that looked similar to her

I looked on quietly then left to play trivia. When the game was done, I felt a little woozy, then realized I was beginning to turn into an Isle look-alike!

(Archivist’s Note: I found most of the article on the WayBack machine. the image meant to be here, and a couple of others were missing.)

Once I looked like her, I realized I had some sort of weird illness. It was highly contagious.

(Raven-Sweety infecting Karina)

The number of ill avatars grew quickly…

(Karina-Sweety, Raven-Sweety, and Mijage-Sweety)

(Image missing)

(Freyja [second from right] is latest victim here.)

Soon, we were all over WA!

(Image missing)

(Left-to-Right: Raven-Sweety, Karina-Sweety, Freyja-Sweety, M I B A B-Sweety, the REAL IsleSweety, and Mijage-Sweety)

Fortunately for us, the illness was one of those 24 hour bugs… and we all returned to normal the next day.


Want to see more pics? Click here!

(Archivist’s Note: All the images on the second page were missing and there was no accompanying text.)

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