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Dayle Schear Delights NRW Members

Wednesday evening, renowned psychic, Dayle Schear was inworld to give us all a lecture on Twin Souls and Soulmates. The lecture was held in the new Honolulu Events Center Auditorium. Over 100 people attended the fine lecture and many left with things to think over and a small keepsake. After the lecture, Dayle gave many mini readings to the delight of the audience. Below is a transcript of her lecture for those who were unable to be in attendance or for those wishing to reread some of it.

Dayle Schear lecture on Twin Souls verses Soulmates 3-31-99

Twin Souls Verses Soulmates Psychic 1: Have you met your Soul-Mate? Have you met your Twin-Soul? What is the difference???

Soulmates: When energies of two people merge in a comfortable fashion…Sometimes known as Love or a very deep deep friendship a kinship at its best. A soulmate can be any number of relationships or partners who are necessary for our growth in this life. Sometimes in life we have to learn lessons from other people. Sometimes in life those other people we meet along the way provide a mirror of ourselves which we look into to learn our lessons in the here and now of this earth realm. A soulmate can be any number of relationships or partners who are necessary for our growth in this life. This is known as Karmic Soulmates. We can be soulmates with our best friend, or lover or husband or boyfriend or boss. We feel comfortable with them it’s as if we have known them all our lives. You will notice a series of very special events that have brought the two of you together syncronistic… or coincidences…upon meeting your soulmate. Most relationships on earth are soul-mated or Karmic connections. The time we spend with these individuals is not important. What is important is that we continue to grow from our experiences with them for time is so precious whatever time we have with our soulmates is worth a lifetime of love… For when we finish our journey with our soulmate our learning lesson is completed with them. You will notice a series of very special events that have brought the two of you together syncronistic…or coincidences… upon meeting your soulmate. If it ends at least we knew in our hearts we had a good time we learned from them and we should learn to wish them well. In soulmates verses twin souls there is a noticeable difference. You can have so many soulmates in your lifetime however over the months or years you will find there is a noticeable lack among the two of you. Not everything is perfect. This can account for divorce, severe breakup between friends. It’s sometimes hard to understand why we meet people along the way and have such a closeness with them only to find ourselves in anguish and pain at the end. There’s nothing in the rule book that states soulmates are forever…. On the other hand there are many soulmates that have met in this life and have a very happy and harmonious relationships.

Twin Souls: Every person on earth has a Twin-soul. When man was created within him there lie his perfect other half. Creating a longing so deep that within each of us we knew some part of us was missing. Soul-mates and Twin-souls have one thing in common they both are the missing part of us. Until we find that missing part of us we will always be searching for ourone true love. Lifetime after lifetime we search for one another. As twin souls were so much alike to start off with, now here is the key – Twin-souls Are so much- alike we don’t know were one begins and the other ends. True Twins. It seems so necessary as twins, to be so much alike. During the time of creation the atoms split and each half of them went there own separate ways each learning to grow in their own perfect way without each other, before they can complete each other. For to be complete they must reunite with one another somewhere in time. Their splitting of their souls created a search for eternity a search for that one true love the missing part of them. Twin souls finish each others sentences…they have very deep feelings for one another, they are telepathic they read each others minds and each others thoughts. When one heart breaks the other cries. The pain is so deep. With twins it’s impossible not to be together for if they fight or argue in time out of need and deep love the twins will reunite, they have to they don’t have a choice. Here is the real definition of soulmates verses twins. Soulmates are there for as long as the lesson in life is to be learned. Twins may part but…….they always find their way back to one another. There is only One twin soul One twin soul lifetime after lifetime. For without the reuniting of this one soul we will feel an emptiness for the rest of our lives this is why we search for eternity to get it right. We long for that deep love within side of us. The Passion the need until the Twin arrives we settle for a soulmate….The universe will provide us with our Twin there is no need to search. For when the time is right the twin will arrive on the scene merely by chance coincidence or syncronicity… there will be no doubt in our minds that this is our twin-soul for every thing will work…If not in this lifetime then in our next lifetime.

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