Colorado Kid’s Memorial

From Colorado to NRW

It began in the park… A natural outpouring of emotion over the terrible events in Colorado. For those who may have missed the news, Wednesday, a high school in Colorado became a killing ground when two students shot and killed 15 students and teachers, including themselves, and wounded many more.

Many people are comforted by placing memorials. The leaders involved here seem to have been Lady Beaker, Nat Sherman, and Ard na Greine of the cat clan although many, many people dropped off items. As the day turned into evening, thoughts of preserving the memorial began to take shape. Guide Cuz was paged and asked if a caretaker could glue items into the park just for a few days. Unfortunately, that was not possible. She did however provide over 20 chests to move items and suggested it be remade in a private turf.

This plan was adopted and GiaPet, Sue (Delphi) and many other kind people helped, donating time and even more containers to move everything into a three room turf donated by Swedechic 1 of the cat clan. DeeZee(PHP), Rock-1(PHP), and Tinkrbell stayed most of the night arranging the many donations so it could open to the public in the morning. The result is a wonderful memorial turf in CC called “Colorado Kids.” The new memorial is much more impressive than when it was in the park. The true scope of the donations and public outpouring can be fully appreciated here where there is more space and ability to place the items.

The memorial will be open to the public to visit and visitors may still donate more items if they wish. With a list of volunteer owners to staff the turf, they plan to keep it open as close to 24 hrs a day as possible until further notice.

If you also helped on this project and we have neglected to mention you by name, please accept out apologies. So very many people were kind and generous that it was hard to keep track of everyone.

Shadez also gave of his time to create a guest book for those wishing to express their thoughts. You can visit the book and leave your message for others to read at:

Colorado Victims Memorial Book

The guestbook website can also be reached by clicking
on the back walls of the memorial turf rooms

(Archivist’s Note: The guestbook no longer exists.)

RW Connection

A fund for victims’ families and other families touched by this tragedy has been established. If you care to contribute, you may send contributions to or request information from:

(Archivist’s Note: The Community Healing Fund wrapped up in September of 1999 after raising $4.4 million. Contact information has been removed. From The Denver Post: “Of the total $4.4 million raised, $2.68 million went to victim families, including $650,000 to the families of the 13 people killed, and $2.03 million to the injured. Also, $900,000 went to outreach and other agencies, including Jefferson County Mental Health, the Foothills Foundation, and Jefferson County schools. A total $711,900 went to other community programs.
Also, Thomas said, a residual sum of about $100,000 will be distributed later.”)

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