Casanova Cat!

Casanova Cat!

By Mijage

I was just chatting at the CC elevator today and I looked at the ground and HEY!! SOMEONE DROPPED A FISH

And seeing as I was hungry, I picked it up and ate it.
But little did I know that this fish was spoiled…

And so you know the story after that…

But then! I went to my turf and lo and behold….


(Archivist’s Note: This is another article recovered from the WayBack Machine. The image meant to be here was missing.)

And so I took it…
Well, it did make my tummy better, but it also had a side effect…

I guess I didnt read the name….
Now every woman I see I fall in love with!
And I also discovered that the only way the potion can be counteracted is by
me receiving a kiss from someone who has also been effected, so that their spell is broken also!
So watch out women, cuz the Casanova Cat is on the loose!

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