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These are the archives for nH’s newspaper. It, like nH itself, had a number of names over the years. I’ve done my best to preserve the look and feel of the pages. I have all the original files, but the HTML on them is, er, interesting <g>. Many of the pages, especially in the early days, were created originally by members using whatever they had available to create webpages and some of those programs added all sorts of code that is inefficient at best and not supported anymore at worst.

The earliest articles are from December 1998. and the last are from November of 2011. After that the fomat changed to a style that was more like a blog than a newspaper. I maintained the paper and its archives for a number of years, but this happened when I was on my enforced vacation <g>. I don’t have access to most of what was posted in those later years, but when I retuned, I continued to maintain the paper, so I may have some of the articles. I will post any I find in my digital hoard <g>

Some articles are lost as they were never transferred to the VZ server and I couldn’t find them on the Wayback Machine. Some were also updated and overwritten by the authors. I am including the titles of the lost articles on each month’s main page without a link.

All of the individual article pages have comments enabled, so feel free to add your memories or identify avatars in those screenshots where they aren’t identified.

I’ll be posting each month’s main page and articles as I complete them, starting with the Dec ’98 – Jan ’99 issue.

Enjoy the look back at our past.

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